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Brian Leibham

Senior Project Manager

Brian Leibham is a seasoned Senior Project Manager at Path Construction. With a track record of excellence, Brian consistently demonstrates exceptional proficiency in overseeing diverse construction projects, spanning commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. His in-depth knowledge of construction principles, materials, methodologies, and safety protocols ensures the successful execution of every project.

Brian’s strong communication skills foster collaboration and ensure clarity of project goals among team members, subcontractors, and clients. His expertise in strategic planning, risk management, and adept problem-solving enables him to navigate challenges and mitigate setbacks with finesse.

Known for his dedication to quality and efficiency, Brian’s meticulous attention to detail ensures projects meet rigorous standards. He maintains strict adherence to timelines and budgets without compromising safety or quality. With a degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Illinois, Brian brings a solid technical foundation to his role at Path Construction