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Deerfield Metra Station

Deerfield Metra Station

Project Summary

Path Construction provided all the necessary labor and materials to repair the station platforms at the Metra Station located in Deerfield. The repair work involved the installation of a drilled soldier pile wall equipped with cast-in-place (CIP) concrete facing in front of the existing segmental concrete block wall that supported the east platform. Additionally, the construction of a concrete coping along the east platform, the restoration of the damaged portions of the platform, and the restoration of stairways were also a part of the work. The restoration of the stairways included:

  • Repairing deteriorated concrete components.
  • Strengthening the handrail post bases.
  • Repairing and painting damaged handrail sections.

The work also required rubbing, finishing, staining, and sealing the surfaces of the east and west platform walls and caps. All communication devices were supposed to remain operational during construction. Railroad forces were responsible for repairing the tactile strip, removing and re-installing the existing fence, and paver brick repairs were to be carried out by contractors supplied materials.

Project Photos

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