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Awarded Midwest Construction’s “Best of 2003” Project of the Year in the power facility category, this project involved the total replacement of the major heating and cooling systems, including replacement of boilers, chillers, fire pumps, and air handling units. The facility, located on two levels underground, providing heating and air conditioning to all building spaces.
The building’s main and remote mechanical systems are monitored and controlled from a computerized central control room which use a BAC net controlled building automation system. Other equipment installed in the plant include 48 ice storage tanks totaling 200,000 gallons, two 700 and two 750 750 ton chillers, and three 400 HP low pressure steam boilers. The deep excavation and high water table required a sophisticated retention system.
Special attention was paid to the restricted site access in order to keep parking facilities open throughout construction. Path supervised the security-controlled access to the lot and made sure special event pedestrian flow to Soldier field was not disrupted.


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