The 44-year-old parking lot was in very poor condition and is to be completely replaced with a permeable pavement parking lot. The permeable pavers will allow storm water to infiltrate the surface and store itself in the stone back-fill below. When the water levels become high enough, the storm water will be drained to a Bio-Retention Basin through a perforated piping network below. The new lot will provide several green benefits including improved water quality, ground water recharge and delayed discharge of storm water to the receiving waterway. This $1.5 million contract includes complete demolition and removal of the existing lot and structures, installation of new concrete driveways, walkways, and curbs up to 4 feet tall, installation of a perforated piping under drain system, sewers and drainage structures, installation of direct-bury conduits, concrete encased duct bank, and parking lot lighting, a permeable pavement parking lot with 3 feet of stone back-fill, and installation of a bio-retention basin which includes over 10,000 native plants and its own piping network.


Schaumburg, IL




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