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Path Construction has become a trusted leader in the Chicago Affordable Housing Sector

Path Construction is currently involved with two Affordable Housing projects totaling over 100 units in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. Both projects are part of a DOH & IHDA affordable housing program and represent two of four new affordable housing developments on North California Avenue.

“[Hispanic Housing Development Corporation] promised to build affordable housing on the land to fight gentrification in Humboldt Park, which has driven longtime Latino residents out of their homes . . . Many locals were pleased by the prospect of more affordable housing in the area.”

Block Club Chicago

Having built and/or renovated over 1000 affordable housing units, Path Construction has extensive knowledge of compliance goals and requirements associated with affordable housing projects across the nation. Path has worked directly with many public agencies such as DOH, IHDA, CHA, MSHDA, and HUD and has been involved with several “Twinning Projects”, projects that include both 4% and 9% tax credit financing.

“Path’s team of experts brings significant experience in the affordable housing sector. Our knowledge and expertise in affordable housing standards, guidelines, and compliance requirements enable us to keep projects moving efficiently.”

– Chad Myers, Path Construction Project Executive

Utilizing our extensive database of subcontractors allows us to achieve Davis Bacon Wage requirements, MBE/WBE goals, Section 3, and local residency requirements. These compliance requirements are managed and recorded through certified payrolls and by entering subcontractor payment information into public agency systems.

Due to project value thresholds involved with affordable housing, Path’s comprehensive expertise in pre-construction services provides a tremendous advantage to affordable housing developers both in Chicago and around the country. Our ability to provide detailed insight at the pro forma stage enables developers to make smarter financial decisions on their projects earlier on in the process leading to more successful outcomes.

About Hispanic Housing Development Corporation:

Founded in 1975, as a non-for-profit organization to help create affordable housing in Chicago’s Latino neighborhoods, the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation now helps people across the Chicago area improve their lives—and achieve the American dream.

We build comfortable, affordable and sustainable housing that people are proud to call home; which becomes a catalyst for economic prosperity and community growth. We build—and revitalize—neighborhoods, to provide a place for people of all ages. We create new housing, employment, and business opportunities that help stabilize communities. For additional information about Hispanic Housing Development Corporation visit hispanichousingdevelopment.com.

About Path Construction:

Path Construction is a leading general contractor providing a vast array of construction services to a diverse clientele. Our expertise spans across numerous sectors including multi-family, healthcare, senior living, education, hospitality, retail, self-storage, warehouse distribution, civil, infrastructure, and more.
Our mission at Path Construction is to provide extraordinary building services for our customers, foster fulfilling careers for our people, and sustain high levels of integrity, safety and quality while attaining a fair balance of accountability, community, and profitability. Our passion, vision, and knowledge drive us to be the best in the industry.